A Storybook with Guided Imagery inside!

Share with your child the power of their love, the importance of being kind and helpful, of taking care of the mind, body and spirit! Then take them on a brief guided imagery tour where they get to imagine what they've just learned and make it very real in their mind.

Children love this book right before bed and Yoga teachers find it amazing to use at the end of a session to relax and calm the mind and body.

Available on Amazon.com in hardcover and Kindle versions

Andrea Addington, MSW. RSW Andrea Addington, MSW. RSW, Anxiety & Self-Esteem Therapist, Moncton, N.B. Canada

"In my twenty year career as a Mental Health Therapist, I have explored many resources available for children and their families. Mellisa Dormoy's contribution in the area of helping children manage stress, anxiety and low self-esteem through relaxation and guided imagery is phenomenal. Mellisa's heartfelt passion, sincerity and knowledge shine through once again in this wonderful new children's book. It contains a wealth of easy to use relaxation and guided imagery stories and much more! Parents of children are often asking me for resources to help their children feel confident, relaxed and empowered. This book is it!"

Amity Hook-Sopko Amity Hook-Sopko, publisher Green Child Magazine

"The world works in the most wondrous ways. Three years ago, I was looking for a child-friendly way to take spirituality and meditation a step further with our sons. As the saying goes… the student was ready, and Mellisa Dormoy appeared with her children’s meditation audios.

We’ve used her meditation scripts and audios to help our children create affirmations, release worries, and have a beautiful healing journey with the dolphins of our imagination. Mellisa has helped hundreds of thousands of parents through her free Guided Imagery contributions to Green Child Magazine.

In her new book, Mellisa enamors parents and children alike with her simple messages about the importance of showing gratitude, laughing and having fun, moving your body, being kind, and following your inner wisdom. She even includes a Guided Imagery section, filled with new meditations and affirmations to bring out the very best in your child.

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to help share her essential work, and I hope you enjoy this beautiful treasure."

Rev. Ogun Holder Rev. Ogun Holder, Author Rants to Revelations

"Imagine That makes life's essential spiritual principles fun and accessible for kids of all ages. I wish this book was around when my daughter was little."

Jennifer Truncale Jennifer Truncale, Certified Radiant Child Yoga and Children’s Fitness Instructor

“My mission as a Children's Yoga, YogArt and Fitness Teacher is to EMPOWER THE CHILDREN! I am continuously reminding them of the special gifts we were given and the powers we have!
As a mother of two beautiful girls; my mission is the same! Empower them, love them, remind them, and let them BE who they are born to BE! "Imagine That" is the perfect book for me to read to them before bed; inviting them to carry the wisdom into their dreams!
"Imagine That" exactly! Finally, a book that describes our soul simply and soulfully for children. Beautifully written and well explained! Mellisa's passion for children's peace of mind blossoms in this book and will radiate through the children during meditations, readings and practice; the gift that keeps on giving!! Aloha Mellisa! I am looking forward to incorporate this book in my children's yoga classes.”