The Secret to Creating the Life you Dream of...

I can see it already.... just a few more weeks and you're going to say "WOAH! 2018 ALREADY?"

2018! Let's live our best year yet and create the life of our dreams. I'm hosting a live, half-day workshop 9-2pm in Fanwood, NJ, where your life is radically and wonderfully going to change for the better! You can bet on it!

What's a Vision Board? A vision board is a way to concretely see and visualize your life goals, how you want to feel each and every day. First, you'll choose images that inspire you, that ignite your inner passion and then we will create a visual board for you to take home and focus on every day. In my career as a life-coach, I have created so many personal vision boards because seeing is believing! When goals are set in front of your eyes, you attune yourself to that frequency and you'll begin to automatically attract those things into your experience (more on that in the retreat!) I will say though that interestingly enough, this is how my book deal with Dr. Joe Vitale of the movie The Secret came into existence. The day will be filled with things like inspiration, connection, laughter, guided meditations, FUN - and don't forget glue, scissors and papers!

In this Vision Board Retreat you will experience the amazing connection and learning that goes on within the sacred space of new positive-minded friends and have me as your guide to creating the life you're probably only dreaming about right now.

Come enjoy the day with us! Set time aside for yourself after the busy holidays and pamper and invest in YOUR LIFE for 2018!!

Your investment in pampering yourself - $50

RSVP TODAY, Space is limited.

Here's ONE of the things that came into being because of my Vision Boards (It still makes me giddy happy today!)

  • I didn't even know Dr. Joe Vitale personally before this but his work had always impacted my life
  • I truly had NO IDEA how this was going to happen I just visualized it anyway
  • When I got the personal email from his team, my jaw dropped I think I repeated "are you kidding me?" about a dozen times followed by a happy dance around the house
Vision Boards WORK!