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For your personalized session, we can work on any subject of your choosing. I specialize in Hypnotherapy, Regression Hypnosis, Angel Readings, & Reiki. All I ask of you is that you come to our session knowing your goals for our work together. I'm very excited to meet you and get started on this journey!

Accessing the Subconscious Mind

Hypnosis and Guided Imagery date back to very ancient times. Guided imagery was used in the ancient healing temples in Sumaria and ancient Egypt. It's nothing new. Simply put, hypnosis is a state of focused concentration. It feels very much akin to the feeling when you read a book you simply cannot put down. You are aware of your surroundings, but you are so absorbed in the words and images that you focus your attention on the book. Hypnosis and Guided Imagery both feel like a guided meditation. You simply listen and follow along while being in a relaxed state. You can talk, move and you will be aware of everything that happens. In this state, you have access to subconscious memories and beliefs. Some of these memories and beliefs you are unaware of on a conscious level. However, these memories and beliefs can clearly affect your life in a negative way - even manifesting physically and emotionally as unease or discomfort. When this happens, we usually seek help to work through these issues that have become a stumbling block for us in our lives.

Alternatively, Some clients are simply curious as to what hypnosis feels like, or they may be curious about exploring something in the past, about a particular relationship, or need help moving on to the next phase in their life or accomplishing a goal. Hypnotherapy & Guided Imagery help with all of that.


Audios & MP3s are also available for relaxation at home.

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