Have your very own custom made guided meditation or hypnosis session crafted & created by Mellisa Dormoy, CHt

     MP3 Specifically designed & recorded for YOU

After a 20-30 min. phone consultation (or email if you prefer) I will write and record a personalized guided meditation or hypnosis session for you addressing your individual needs. This audio can incorporate your name if you wish, your favorite destination or special place of choosing. The session can have more or less meditation silence depending on your specific requirements.

If you already have a script in hand, I can record it (assuming the copyright is all yours), otherwise I will create the script based on your individual wishes per our exchange.

Meditative background music is included unless you prefer silence.

This is for a private use license not a commercial resale licence. If you are looking for a resell license, add $100 per track.

Great Gift Giving Idea! 

Investment - $100

I will contact you after payment to set up phone session to speak with your about your audio, or email if you prefer.


I reserve the right to refund your money if I feel I am not best suited for your meditation or hypnosis needs.